Frequently Asked Questions

What items can I buy in the LMC Company Store? Are any items restricted?

All items shown are available for you to purchase. None of these items are restricted.

I don’t see what I am looking for in the company store, are there other options?

The company store consists of a wide range of items for your business needs. These items have been selected for a variety of reasons including cost, creativity, and usability. A few new additions will be made seasonally or for special programs. If there is a particular product you are interested in that is not in the company store, contact Shelly Finkel and she will help you conduct a search.

How are my orders billed?

Orders received on the website will be processed as soon as the orders are submitted and approved by your Regional Marketing Director. Once delivered they will be billed to you at your property.

I don’t have time for production but I need a high quantity of items; what can I do?

Identify what items you need, the volume and the target date. Contact Shelly Finkel and discuss the need for this special situation. She will work with you to assist in making sure your products are available, developed and delivered based on the timeline you require.

When will my order ship?

All items are Customized and On-Demand, able to ship within 3-5 days depending on when the order is received. All apparel items are made to order and ship within 5-7 business days.

I’ve submitted my order but I ordered the wrong product?

All purchasers will receive an order acknowledgment. Please review your order for accuracy and contact us as soon as possible if you have by chance selected the wrong product or size.

What is the return process?

Any custom produced items cannot be returned. All apparel items are made to order and are not able to be returned or exchanged.

What if my product is defective?

If you should receive a product that is defective please contact us for a replacement immediately. A label to pick up the defective item will be sent and replacement shipped as soon as possible.

I forgot my password.

On the log in screen, click on “Forgot Password”, enter your email address that you use to log in, and we will email you with a new temporary password. After logging in, we recommend you change your password to a new easier to remember password through the My Account page.

How do I change my password?

You can update your password at any time through the My Account page by selecting Change Password.

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Yes. To do this, choose “Ship to multiple addresses” on the first checkout screen. From here, follow the prompts to either direct each item to a different shipping address, or “Split” the quantity of an item to multiple shipping addresses. Please call Customer Service for assistance at 1-888-333-1753.

How do I update my billing/shipping address or other account information?

You can update your billing address, manage shipping addresses, change your password, and view your order history through the Manage Account page.

Supported browsers.

The following browsers are compatible with this store:

Internet Explorer version 11 and above. Latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.